Share your cine films with friends

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With your old home movies transferred to a digital format you can now upload them to video sharing sites such as Youtube or Vimeo. Its very easy to create an account on these websites and is automatically included when you set up a google account, as google owns youtube. Uploading a video is as simple as clicking the upload button and browsing for the file. After a few minutes your file will be uploaded and made available for public viewing. If you prefer to only give access to friends and relatives you can make your videos private in the settings section. By making the videos private, only invited guests can view the footage. Youtube offers widespread access to your films but does compress them for viewing. For even higher quality choose to host your cine film as the resolution is HD and higher.

By sharing your cine films online you can open up the footage to many people who would not normally be able to view them. Relatives who live a distance apart no longer need to have duplicate DVDs to watch  the same footage or visit each other to watch the old cine films . The ability to upload your precious footage now means it exists as a digital file on a public service. The file can be linked to in emails and included in genealogy media for ever.

Moviescan can supply multiple file formats, perfectly tuned for for ease of upload.