Digitise your films and make your own time machine

Your personal time machine

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Time moves forward and everything changes. Fashions come and go,  our taste in interior décor moves on, technology advances…. If we had a time machine we could wind the clock back and watch the world as it was years ago. Sadly we are yet to invent a real time machine, but the next best thing could be to have your old films and videos converted to digital. Simply send us your old media and we will scan each frame and create an HD quality movie from your old films and tapes. We promise you will enjoy your own personal time machine as you step back in time and take a look at how the world was back then. Be prepared to hear “what was I wearing?” and “did we really have wall paper like that ?!” as you settle down on your stylish modern sofa to watch history unfold on your  large screen TV.

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