Use cine films in your genealogy research

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Finding a photograph of an ancestor is a source of joy for a genealogist, but moving images take that satisfaction to a new level.

If you have been recording and tracing your family tree you know how special it is to have found photographic images that captured a moment in time. Cine footage brings those ancestors even closer with moving images. If you are lucky enough to have some home movie films taken of relatives and ancestors then its never been easier to preserve those precious moments forever. By digitising the film you can include the files in most genealogy software packages . Websites such as don’t include hosting for video but its easy to add a link to a video sharing website such as youtube . Adding cine film in to your family history project really adds a new dimension and character to your record rather than just dry facts figures, birth and death records.

Home movies were becoming popular from the late 1920s and we often see early 9.5mm and 16mm films that were shot several generations ago. It can be quite a revelation to see a great aunt who you only knew as an old lady playing on a beach or as a child in a garden.

We can convert all old formats in colour and black & white and supply digital files for inclusion in genealogy software as well as DVD format.

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