Dont transfer VHS to DVD

Why cine to DVD is dead

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Remember when you put the projector up in the living room and had the annual showing of the home movies? No of course not you are far too young … That amazing time in history when our lives were caught on real cine film is long gone for most of us but the physical films live on and are fascinating time capsules of a time gone by. Until recently we were encouraged to transfer the images from those films onto another physical media such as a VHS tape in the 80s or a DVD in the last decade. But things have changed, we live in a digital age where video does not need to be constrained by physical storage . Social sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook etc have revolutionised the way we access video in a way we could only dream of when our old home movies were created. Now is the time to dig out those old films before they deteriorate and digitise them in crystal clear HD. You will now be able to share those memories with relatives and friends across the globe. You can set up a private youtube channel so only those you invite can view the movies you have digitised, and because they are in “The Cloud” they will be backed up should a disaster such as a flood occur. So lets get digital and share those memories !