Cinematic Stabilisation


Stabilise your footage – priced per 50ft of film

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Cinematic stabilisation improves the stability of moving shots particularly if they are a little shaky. This service is ideal for movies that contain fast moving subjects, or hand held camera shots that have movement in them such as pans, zooms and travelling shots. The system uses a very clever software technique which locks the subject in the centre of the frame while moving the view to compensate for the movement. This service is for cine footage. The output will be 16:9 widescreen and you can choose to see the full frame of your recording – in which case if it was originally shot in 4:3  you see the edges of the image move as it tracks the frame or we can crop this for you if you prefer. Refer to our examples to choose your preferred presentation and just add a note when you order. If you do not have a preference we will supply uncropped. Price is per 50 feet of film .


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