30 Feet of 9.5mm film digitised


Select this option if you have one or more rolls of 9.5mm film on single reels or Pathe Baby spools . Simply select the number of spools you have in the quantity box. Are your films in need of restoration? We offer free white balance correction as part of the scanning service for colour film and exposure compensation for black & white movies. See additional options for further post scanning services such as camera shake stabilisation and digital cleaning of spotty or damaged film.

We recommend purchasing a memory device for delivery. A minimum of 4 GB of storage is required for each HD transfer. We can supply USB memory sticks, external hard drives or we are happy to use yours if you include with your films. If no storage is selected your recordings will be delivered as a downloadable file.

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Digitising service for one reel of 9.5mm centre sprocket film in colour or black & white.


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